Oct 20, 2004 - The Bard's Tale: A Quest for Coin and Cleavage Walkthrough 1.7


10.2 Statistics

HP: ~300
XP: 0
SP: 0

[Fairyhaunt Woods]
Wolf (small)
HP: 20-21
XP: 20
SP: ~4

Wolf (large)
HP: 56-58
XP: 50
SP: ~8

[Houton Forest]
Trow (Sword)
HP: 20-21
XP: 20
SP: ~8

Trow (Archer)
HP: 20-21
XP: 20
SP: ~8

Trow (Spear)
HP: 26-28
XP: 25
SP: ~8

[Bugbear Cairn]
HP: ~200
XP: 250
SP: 0

HP: 30-31
XP: 20
SP: ~4

Trow (mage)
hp: 50-52
xp: 50
SP: ~4

Trow Heavy (swords)
hp: 49-52
XP: 40
SP: ~8

Trow Boar
HP: 39-42
XP: 20
SP: 0

Ketill Swart
HP: ~200
XP: 300
SP: 0

HP: ~100
XP: 300
SP: 0

[Finn's Farm]
Wolf (small)
HP: 21
XP: 20
SP: ~4

Wolf (large)
HP: 58
XP: 50
SP: ~8

Trow Scarecrow
HP: 90
XP: 200
SP: 0

Ornery Old Horse
HP: ~300
XP: 300
SP: 0

[Highland Park]

Trow Log Thrower
HP: 30-31
XP: 40
SP: ~8

HP: ~125
XP: 0
SP: 0

[Ruins of Dun Alfiene]
Fat Zombie
HP: 105

Skinny Zombie
HP: 105
XP: 100

[Forest Tower]

Plant Monster
HP: 20-32
XP: 40-60
SP: ~4

HP: ~250
XP: 300
SP: 50

Druid (staff)
hp: 90
XP: 90
SP: ~12

Druid (knife)
HP: 63
XP: 60
SP: ~12

Druid (scythe)
HP: 115
XP: 175
SP: ~8

Skeletal Horse
HP: 102
XP: 50
SP: ~0

[Finn's Forest]
HP: 62
XP: 200
SP: ~20

HP: 184
XP: 300
SP: ~20

HP: ~1000
XP: 750
SP: 500

[Mountain Pass]
Finfolk (small)
HP: 84
XP: 150
SP: ~6

[Frozen Tomb]

Hp: 70
XP: 50
SP: ~10

[Mountain Tower]
HP: 150
XP: 150
SP: 0

Mechanical knight
HP: 40
XP: 90
SP: ~6

Mechanincal Boar Rider (boar)
HP: 40
XP: 20
SP: ~0

Mechanical Boar
HP: 70
XP: 50
SP: ~0

HP: 65
XP: 100
SP: ~6

HP: ~300
XP: 750
SP: 0

The Pet
HP: ~500
XP: 750
SP: 0

Red Cap
HP: 125
XP: 250
SP: ~2

HP: ~500
XP: 2500
SP: 250

[MacRath's Dungeon]
The Zombie
HP: ~800
XP: 4000
SP: 0

[The Farm]
HP: 51
XP: 100
SP: ~1

HP: 150-160
XP: 200
SP: ~4

HP: ~175
XP: 300
SP: ~2

Haggis Monster
HP: ~1000 (regenerates)
XP: 800
SP: 0

[Finfolk Caverns]
Finfolk (small)
HP: 205
XP: 350
SP: ~100

Finfolk (large)
HP: 375
XP: 400
SP: ~200

Small Rock Monster
HP: 105
XP: 200
SP: ~100

Large Jewel Monster
HP: 105
XP: 300
SP: ~200

[Island Tower]
Druid (purple mage)
HP: 200
XP: 200
SP: ~8

Invisible warrior (shortsword)
HP: 125
XP: 200
SP: ~6

Invisible warrior (claymore)
HP: 155
XP: 300
SP: ~8

HP: 125
XP: 100
SP: ~1

HP: ~1200
XP: 1000
SP: 0

[Dounby Tower]
HP: ~500

HP: ~600

11. Experience Levels and Talents
Experience Levels
You begin the game with no Experience points at level 1.  For each level you
gain earn 2 points to distribute among the 6 attributes.

You gain experience by killing enemies, completing tasks, and participating in
some conversations.

The required amounts of experience for each level are:

Level  1:      0
Level  2:   1000
Level  3:   2000
Level  4:   4000
Level  5:   8000
Level  6:  12000
Level  7:  18000
Level  8:  26000
Level  9:  36000
Level 10:  48000
Level 11:  62000
Level 12:  82000
Level 13: 105000
Level 14: 135000
Level 15: 165000
Level 16: 200000
Level 17: 235000
Level 18: 270000
Level 19: 310000
Level 20: 350000
Level 21: 450000

The game says the next level after 21 required 999000 experience points but
you stop gaining experience after you level up to 21.
You get to choose one talent initially and an addition talent when you level
up to odd numbered experience levels.

These Talents are available to choose initially:
Two Handed Weapons: Allows the bard to use two handed weapons.

Dual Wield: Allows the bard to wield a dirk and sword at the same time.

Flail: Allows the bard to use flails.

Shield Bash: Stun opponents with shield after blocking.

Shield Charge: Stun opponents by holding and releasing the attack button to
charge up when wielding a sword.

Power Shot: Stun opponents by holding and releasing the attack button to
charge up when using a ranged weapon.

Critical Strike: Chance of doing addition damage

Treasure Hunter: Get 20% bonus silver from treasure.

These Talents have perquisites:

Dog Trainer: (need to have befriended the puppy).
Allow your dog to attack enemies.

Improved Critical Strike (requires Critical Strike)
Upgraded version of Critical Strike.

Riposte (requires Dual Wield)
Attack after blocking when dual wielding.

Heavy Parry (requires 2-Handed)
Attack after blocking when using a 2-Handed weapon.

Blade Bash (requires Dual Wield)
Power up an attack when dual wielding by holding and releasing the attack

Spinning Smash  (requires 2-Handed)
Power up an attack when using a 2-Handed weapon by holding and releasing the
attack button.

Whirlwind (requires Flail)
Power up an attack when using a flail by holding and releasing the attack

Arrow Storm (required Power Shot)
Upgraded version of power shot.

Talent notes (from solublefish)
These are in the order I recommend getting them.

Dog Training - Your dog doesn't kill much, but distracts enemies and is
unkillable, which is extremely useful, especially on early levels.

Two-handed weapon / Dual Wield - these let you cause a lot more damage in
melee combat.

Heavy Parry / Riposte / Shield Bash - the counterattack is crucial in melee
combat, as described in "Melee Combat Strategy".

Treasure Hunter - by this point in the game, you probably want the extra
silver, and you don't need the other abilities yet.

Power Shot - Only a little useful on its own, but allows access to the Arrow
Storm talent.

Arrow Storm - lets you fire a group of three arrows in about the time it
normally takes to load and fire two. This represents a 50% damage/sec
increase, which is about the best upgrade you can hope for.

Spinning Smash / Whirlwind - The Spinning Smash is great in a melee with lots
of enemies (trow, Lugh's knights, druids) since it can kill or knock down foes
all around you with one attack. It's unblockable, and you're invulnerable
while in the middle of the attack. The flail Whirlwind is similar, though try
to get enemies mostly in front, since you move forward with the attack. The
Blade Bash (dual wield charge) and Shield Bash are worse, since it's hard to
time them correctly, and they often leave your summons too far back to help
you in the melee.

After choosing these, it's a matter of style - go with the Critical Strike
options for the most damage, but they're not that important, and the other
weapon styles can be fun. Be sure to pick up the corresponding counterattack
next if you decide on a new weapon.

12. Extras
The Extras in the main menu are unlocked by making Large donations to any of
the priests in the game. (Thanks to XeroFireDragonBlazer for making the post
where I learned this.)  You need to save the game for these to remain unlocked
after a power cycle.  You're able to exit without saving, load a game and save
it to preserve the currently unlocked extras but to unlock more you'll need to
make all previous donations again.

I've determined the required number of Large donations for most of the extras:

  1  Movie: Introduction
  2  Song: Beer, Beer, Beer
  4  Art Gallery 1
  6  Art Gallery 2
 10  Movie: Bard's Tale Logo
 15  Song: Bad Luck - Ogan
 20  Art Gallery 3
 25  Song: Bad Luck - Wolves
 30  Art Gallery 4
 35  Song: Bad Luck - Minion
 40  Movie: InXile Logo
 45  Art Gallery 5
 50  Song: Bad Luck - Jail
 60  Art Gallery 6
 70  Art Gallery 7
 80  Song: Tale of the Nukelavee
100  Song: Here's to the Bard
120  Art Gallery 8
140  Art Gallery 9
160  Song: You're a Fooling One
180  Art Gallery 10
200  Song: Bad Luck - Lava Life
220  Song: Bad Luck - Lava Death
220  Song: Bad Luck - Bard
260  Art Gallery 11
500  Movie: Ending 2
600  Movie: Ending 1
700  Movie: Ending 3

If you're going to unlock the extras, make sure you do so prior to getting on
the raft in the Firbolg Mines.  After this point the only accessible priest is
the one wandering about the world map, who only accepts a single donation
before you have to exit the map and track him down again.

NOTE: 10 Medium or 100 Small donations can be substituted for 1 Large
donation.  Thank to tigerbtl for making the post suggesting this possibility.
If your charisma is high enough the Small donation will be free but the
downside is that it would take 150 Hours instead of 1.5 Hours to unlock

PC VERSION Difference: Robert Morley has reported that the extra can be
unlocked faster at the kirk in West Dounby:  "I've been able to determine how
much larger the "Large gift" is at the West Dounby Kirk:  it costs 5 times a
normal "Large gift", but gives you the equivalent of 8 "Large gifts" elsewhere
(i.e. 30 Large gifts gets you from Art Gallery 11 to Movie Ending 2)."  This
is only valid for the PC version, Xbox and PS2 player will need to suffer
through the longer donation process.

13. Other things to do
Cow tipping in Houton
If you attack the cattle in Houton they tip over.  After tipping 25 of them
you'll be attacked by one.

Chicken Slaying in Houton and Finn's Farm
Posts on the Gamefaqs message board by xenomorph77 and deity62103 indicated
that if you kill enough chickens, you'll get attacked by a giant chicken.
It drops about 4 silver in nuggets when slain.

Return to Houton after Chapter VIII
Houton is overrun by zombies. Kill them for experience and silver.
Reentering Finstown
The woods outside of Finstown are now filled with Vikings. You're locked
out of the main town, however.

Light the torches again for the floating skull in MacRath's Dungeon
Doing so either summons a Trow to fight, or possibly a partial message from
Bodb (don't ask me which one).
14. Tips and Tricks
Bow usage
Ted writes "I've also discovered that with a bow, you can shoot at enemies
that are off screen simply by aiming at the red dot on the map.  This can be
very helpful when facing large groups of strong enemies, since you can kill
them before they become "engaged"."

Use of riposte and heavy parry
Another tip from Ted: "I started my bard with the Dual Wield talent and have
since acquired the Riposte talent, which I use extensively.  You can usually
tell when you're about to be attacked far enough in advance to block; you will
then get in a couple of hits automatically.  Presumably the same would work
with the Heavy Parry talent.

Ranged Combat Strategy (from solublefish)
The bows are by far the best weapons in the game. They're cheaper AND more
powerful than the  melee weapons available at the same game points. Every
enemy in the game can be beaten by arrows, and many can only be beaten by
arrows. The ability to attack whichever enemy you want without being attacked
back is huge. Melee summons like the Mercenary or Knight will hold your foes
while you casually pick them off. Since you're not taking damage, your Crone
will be able to heal your fighters in battle, keeping you (and her) safe.
While you're in the back, you have the freedom to summon another ally without
fear of taking damage while you have no weapon out.
You can even attack offscreen enemies before they engage by aiming at the red
dots on your "radar". You can hear if they hit or not, or sometimes the screen
will shake on a hit. Especially with the fire arrows, this is good for
softening up a large group before joining a melee.
Enemies very rarely block arrow shots, arrows interrupt whatever attack an
enemy is making, and usually knock them back a little bit. So you can often
take out a charging enemy even without a summon in front of you.
They will, however, block your allys' attacks, which will incidentally block
your arrows. So it's often good to attack from their back/side or choose an
enemy that's not engaged with one of your summons.
Also note that you can still block with the bow, though there's no
counterattack ability. Once you have the Power Shot, (or even better, Arrow
Storm) you can shoot through an up-close attacker and hit one behind them, so
it's often better to stand in there rather than running to a distance,
especially if you have the crone summoned.

Melee Combat Strategy (from solublefish)
Decide early which weapon skill you want to focus on. I think the two-handed
weapon is a little better, since it does more damage in a single attack, has a
longer reach, and the upgraded attack (Spinning Smash) is excellent. But the
dual wield skill is IMHO more fun, and the repeated attack is better since it
keeps your enemies in range but off-balance longer.
Either way, be sure to get the parry ability (riposte or heavy parry) ASAP. It
allows you to survive in tight battles - just block, knock 'em to the ground,
and hit 'em while they're down in true Bard style. Note that you'll
"counterattack" even if you don't block anything, so when in doubt, block. In
later chapters, it can be useful to switch to single-handed sword or flail for
a while, since you get to use one of the strong healing shields with it. This
is handy in areas with damping fields.

Ego sword (from solublefish)
The Ego sword isn't as good as the two-hander you can buy in Stromness
(Frecraid), but it does allow you to begin attacking again much quicker after
summoning an ally. It's not instantaneous, but it's about half the waiting
time. Could be useful for the rafts in the Underground Sea.

Shadow Axe (from Harold)
Harold writes that the Shadow Axe has a similar effect as the ego sword to the
summoning speed: "I have used it (the Shadow Axe) as such (frequently in my
first game where I had to continue to re-summon creatures due to my oversight
of the crone in Ketill's Lair) and have found it actually faster than the ego

Early Leveling
Harold writes: "The wolf reinforcements may be detrimental with the larger
wolves, but you can take advantage of it with the smaller wolves.  I grew to
level three in around 10 minutes of starting the game, just by killing off two
wolves of a pack of three (in the fairyhaunt woods) and letting the third
howl.  Then I kill off the two that appear and let the leftover howl again. 
Repeat until you get bored and want to actually start the game.  It gives you
a slight edge for the first few chapters"

Note: You can leave and reenter the woods and the wolves will have respawned,
so you can get some extra experience by clearing the woods multiple times.

Specific Area Strategies (from solublefish)
Finstown - Of all the "optional" or side quests, this is the best one. It's
really worthwhile to attempt it as early as you can. Inside are three good
tokens, a 3-summon instrument, two good spells, and very good armor and
weapons - better than you can get elsewhere until chapter X. Plus thousands of
silver and experience points.
Be sure to have plenty of silver when you go in, since Dirk sells good items.
It'll take 9000-10000 for Blackthorne's Great Bow and whatever weapon/shield
you're using. Another 4200 will get you slightly better armor than the free
scalbach's Mail. Remember to adjust for your charisma (though you'll be
getting up to a +3 boost from the free token).
When you enter Finn's Forest, you don't actually have to kill all the
villagers. If you want, just use a level-3 Caleigh and run past them, killing
the few that you have to get by. You may have to use another level-1 if you
take fire damage getting by the guys blocking the gates.

Burial Chamber - It's wise to try and steal Hrafn's kills - you can get
further in the tomb and get a lot more experience if he's backing you up, and
you can't do it anymore once he gets 25 kills. Plus, if you stay ahead of him
on kills, you get to make snarky comments.

Mountain Tower - Be careful of the area on level 2 with the two doors you can
open. Your allies will get stuck and have to go the long way around, leaving
you unprotected for a short while.

East Dounby / West Dounby - The spinning strike is fantastic against the
groups of druids - run into the middle, charge up your sword, and lay waste to
the evil bastards. The Dual Wield repeated attack is very strong, too.

Greenlands - The Trow Scarecrows drop a lot of silver, so this is a good place
to go for some easy cash.

Stromness - If you're in need of some more experience or silver, you can camp
out near the force field by the Kirk on the west side of Stromness. Come out a
little way and shoot the Draugr with your arrows. Walk carefully and you can
leave the Crone protected by the force field. If you get low on life, just
retreat and reheal. Use the Explorer to pick up silver without having to break
your formation.

The Farm - Take your party past Hatcher into the farm, and clear out all the
animals. Pick up the Four Leaf Clover and Golden Thistle Ring. Then go back
for Hatcher  when the coast is clear, where he'll lead you to fight the Haggis

Finfolk Caverns - If you have a strong bow and dexterity equipped with Arrow
Storm, you can take out the smaller finfolk before they reach the raft.
Alternatively, hit them just as they jump on the raft, and they'll fall off
again. What you don't want is 5 finfolk on the raft at once.
Leave the sea serpents for last. Resummon your allies and heal up with the
Crone. Don't worry about the damage from the serpent's breath. When you're
ready, hit them with arrows. If there are still tentacles grabbing your raft,
switch to melee to knock them off. They're the only enemy I know of that can't
be hit by arrows (though they'll take damage from the explosions if you have
one of the best bows).

Island Tower Level 2 - If you don't feel like fighting/exploring, you can head
directly for the upgraded rogue and the exit instead of taking the western

Island Tower Level 3 - Behemoth is very bad here. The enemies move too fast
and are never grouped. Plus the fireboars don't take fire damage. It's pretty
easy to run past everyone and just get to the exit if you want.

Mannanan's chamber - Switch to a weapon with a healing shield as you run away
from the tornado or fire. Keep resummoning your Crone. She'll die quickly, but
will often get in a healing spell first - this will let you survive longer.
When Mannanan reappears, you can resummon the Crone and run away to heal.
Mannanan isn't that dangerous until you damage him again.

Dounby tower - If you've got good summons and high Rhythm, it's fun to sit
back and watch your allies rip up the early levels. See how far you can get
without attacking anything. Even better - see how far you can get without
taking damage.
15. Extra Summon Interactions during conversions
In a post on the GameFAQs messages board, dr490n observed that occasionally
one of your summons creatures may participate in a conversion.  This section
has been added at the suggestion of dr490n.

Non Plot Related

In particular dr490n noticed that the knight took part in one of the
conversations in Finstown when it was summoned.  The knight play a roll in
two scenes here, one when you approach the stockade where the prisoners are
held, and the other just prior to the battle against Silkbeard.

In the same topic, Black Rabite observed that the Bodyguard would suggest
ways for the Bard to keep warm if summoned when the Bard tries to go deeper
into the Mountain Pass before talking to Gower.

Have a rat summon in the Fat Lute in Kirkwall and approach the woman by the
bar.  When you dismiss the rat she'll give you some silver and experience.

After being cursed by Gower in the mountain pass, if you try to leave to
the south the Crone will comment on the curse.

The Trap Finder makes some comment about Dolyn if you're being snarky in the
second conversation.

Fluffball observes the Trap Finder will comment if Dolyn dies in the Frozen

Summoning the Knocker immediately after obtaining it from the Renard Brothers
triggers a scene in which the Knocker kill them.  (This can be done later on
as well, thanks Jake.)  Phatsacks describes the scene in more detail: " If you
play the knocker song, he asks "Who wants a good killing?", and see the two
french man with hands raised, kills them both (rather brutally)"

When participating in the Talent Contest at the Tup tavern, your summons
will dance behind you.

Have a rat summoned in the Aiken Drum and approach the woman standing by
herself.  She'll give you 15 silver and some experience after you dismiss the

One of the Vikings in the Trowle's Pub is afraid of rats.  If you have one
summoned in their he'll give you the Mantle of Ossian token after you dismiss

If the Knight is summoned when Mannanan is defeated in the Island tower, he'll
voice his opinion on the need to rescue the princess.

Whilst speaking NICELY with the frozen Dolyn, the Trap Finder makes snarky
remarks in the background, in regard to Dolyn's poor exploration abilities.
(Thanks cbmalta42)

Plot Related
The rat plays a role in the opening scene.

If the rat is summoned in the basement of the Drunken Rat when the Fire
Breathing rat makes its entrance, it will be set on fire as well.

The rat plays a role in the scene in the Mountain Tower with the female

There's a scene where the Upgraded Bodyguard dispels the magic barrier in the
Finfolk Caverns.

You can get advice from all of your summons prior to choosing which ending
you'll receive.

Non conversation interactions
Mary makes comments about the Thunder Spider if you have it summoned in
the Drunken Rat.

The Mercenary makes several different passes at a woman walking around
Kirkwall in a purple colored dress, sadly she doesn't seem interested. (Thanks

A post by saihttamoy in dr490n's topic says the trap finder makes comments on
the architecture of the Frozen Tombs saying "just don't make 'em like they
used to". I've made the same observation.

The trap finder makes fun of you when you run a foul of a trap.

After some fighting, the knight will randomly say, "Thou hast been served"; a
hilarious and blatant reference to the 2003 dancing-related movie.  (This is
also referred to in the game when a zombie says "You've Been Served" after the
cooky zombie dance-off in MacRath's Dungeon.) (Thanks cbmalta42)

The Brute says "Rocks are my friends," which is from the movie Labyrinth where
the big monster was hanging upside down and being bullied by a bunch of
midgets. (Thanks arror myers)

Occasionally, when using the ego sword, it says "Use Capo Ferro!" aThe Bard's Tale: A Quest for Coin and Cleavage on Kevin Johnston's Blog. 300Bucks.ca, Mississauga logo design company. website design, kevin johnston, 300 bucks.
Princess Bride reference. NOTE: Cary Elwes the voice of the Bard, starred in
the Princess Bride.  (Thanks isaiah exline)

Paul Hughs writes: "My dog got squashed a little ways back, and as I was going
back to Dounby with McGrath, I had a summoned rat and he kept going in a tiny
circle in this one spot, around and around. I was fascinated so I stood there
inside the circle, pushed buttons, etc. Summoned a Trap Finder. Then I
desummoned and summoned the rat a little ways away, and he went right
back to that same spot and circled and circled. Then I realized:
That's exactly where my dog died! "

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